Thursday, October 18, 2012

Neon with Stars and Arrows

For this I used a KandNail stamping plate. This is some knock off plate of other brand's designs I know this because I saw some of the bundle monster ones in these plates, only smaller. Which is great for me because I have hobbit nails. Some of the designs I liked in other collections but couldn't fit  on my nails are here only smaller so works out well for me. These are a great deal on ebay for smaller nails you get 8 jumbo-ish plates for 32$ shipped, not all of the designs stamp most of them do well though. But if you have large nails its probably not for you. Would be great for kids though.

To do this look I used 2 coats of  Klean Color Neon Pink  and Beach Blue (thumb and ring fingers). I stamped with konad special white using KandNail Plate CK-04 then topped with Seche Vite

Now I have had some people ask me about stamping. Its really easy it goes on in a flash and looks awesome IMHO. Some things to keep in mind the stamper matters it should have a lot of give and be fairly soft. Some of the cheaper starter sets have crappy stampers.
Now I'm a cheapskate I think that most of Konad stuff is so over priced but the stampers are great get the stampers. The stamping polishes for the most part are optional(the white is almost a must though) just about any black polish works well. (The gold and silver konad polishes I think are a joke) I've found if a color is opaque in 1 coat it works for stamping :).
Now keep in mind when stamping you need to work quickly you can use a slower drying polish but you still need to work fairly quick. So work out how you want it on your nail before even putting polish on the plate. Once you add polish to the plate scrape and stamp right away.
Try not to wiggle the stamper or press too hard it distorts the image, and even though it is pain its best to clean plate after every stamp it makes the image crisper.

I'm not an expert but this is what works for me.

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