Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lets Go to Hawaii

I saw this idea posted on Face book from Intense Polish Therapy post I thought it was awesome.

I used 3 coats Princessa White and then sponged Kleancolor Bikini Green, Neon Lime, and Mango. I use a make-up sponge and paint the color directly on the sponge in pattern I want after this dried I used MASH black stamping polish to stamp from row m29 of my Konad Knock off plate. It was topped with Ulta color enhancing topcoat that was part of a set of topcoats. I didn't notice a much difference so I don't know how "enhanced" the colors were.

Can I just say I am super pleased with how this turned out. The pictures don't quite pick up the bright neon-ness of this look. The stamping turned out so well and it was just so bright and cheerful , i actually wore it for several days which doesn't usually happen :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I've been seeing this look around the web and I loved it but I wasn't quite so sure I could pull it off  however, I decided to give it a go anyhow.

I started with 3 coats of Lime Crime Milky Ways which I stamped with Klean Color Catch Me using Plate Cheeky CH6.

To make the roses I used a detail brush to paint
blobs of,  Color Club Gimme a Grape Big Kiss, Klean Color  Neon Pink and an Unlabled LA Colors Color Craze. I used so many colors because I don't really have many pinks and none of these were quite the color I wanted. To make the rose details I used Art Deco Striper Magenta and a Kiss Striper White, I thought I could use the stripers but ended up using a detail brush, I made the leaves using Yh Behja #5 painted on with detail brush.

I am just please as punch with how this turned out, I think its pretty good for a first go. The offhand turned out almost as well as my dominant hand.

Monday, May 27, 2013

OOPS Sorry!!

I decided to add labels to my posts and unfortunately this has moved some of my posts around to be more recent please bear with me as I am still adding labels and I am not entirely sure why it has moved some forward and not others.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Two Bottle Challenge

Ok so I saw a nail art challenge on the blog Nailed It and I thought I'd give it  go. I initially picked black and white, because I  thought I could mix it and make grey, but I changed my mind. I felt maybe that wasn't in the spirit of the challenge  Supplies used Sinful Colors Black on Black-103 and China Glaze Snow and a crappy detail brush I need to get a better one :P

3 coats of Snow and 2 coats of Black on Black then chose to do vortexes on my ring finger and middle finger, simple geometric designs on my pinky and index finger, and finished up with a lacy design on my thumb. Yes, I cheated and only did the one hand but cause for anything past a glorified french or occasionally polka dots my left handed work looks like a 3 year old painted it and my right handed stuff isn't far behind sometimes :) . Behold my labors

I am comforted to know this doesn't look bad at all from a distance its a bit sketchy up close but It is not bad for me so yay!

LynBDesign - Black Dragon Pearl Tea

I am not gonna lie I bought the LynBDesign polishes mainly for the bottles they are so pretty. Thankfully I did not have to regret my decision the polishes are pretty great too. I used 3 coats of Black Dragon Pearl Tea  2 would have done but I smeared one of my nails and wanted to fix it up with another coat :).  It is a perfect smokey grey with just a hint of lavender undertone. Its a great spooky fog for my tree and moon. I used Yellow and Black stripe rite for the tree and moon.
I really hope to be better at nail art even when I do well on my left hand my right is a mess.

Here is a closer view of my handiwork never mind the cuticles they are horrid I'm working on it.

Emily De Molly Swatches

This is 3 coats each of Emily De Molly Somber Party and Version 2.0 (Accent). I only really needed 2 coats but as usual dinged them so added another.

Over all the formula was great for these and they do look much like they do in the bottle which is nice.


I saw this new brand at my local trinket shop, this is 3 coats Chika Yellow Green - 35 stamped with Cherimoya Neon Pink  using plate Nailz Craze NC03 and topped off with Seche Vite.

The stamping turned out ok, I messed it up a bit on the pinky but it turned out ok. The Chika polish had a bit of the melted crayon smell, was bit thin and took forever to dry, which is too bad because I loved the color.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Enkelini Butterfly Wings

 This is  2 coats of Enkelini Lainey Lou, it is a lovely orange holographic  I  stamped with My Online Shop  Black stamping polish using plate Lilic A06. I then used Shampayne and a detail brush to make dots and add some stripes with paint brush.

Shampayne on left and Lainey Lou 

Pics again are bit crap and my right hand looks crap. Don't let the shoddy pics fool you Enkelini  make the most beautiful holographic polishes and Shampayne is my most favorite.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Seche Kittens

Super simple tone on tone manicure, I started with 2 coats of Seche Not Easily Swept Away and stamped with Color Club Eternal Beauty using plates  Lilic A04 and Lilic A02(accent).

The picture quality is crappy but I do like these stamps the kitten is so cute and the wallpaper type all over stamp is very nice. It was very subtle but I really thought it looked very good.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rainbows and Butterflies with Gradient

I do love a look of Gradients
I started with 2 coats China glaze white on white. I sponged on the following colors.  Lime Crime Lavendairy, Once in a Blue Mousse, Parfait Day, Pastelchio, Peaches and Creme, and 1 noname Julep in a Yellow color. I stamped with Mash Black using plate Shany xxl 4 and topped it off with Sally Hansen Deb-U-tint.

Gradient on it's own

Gradient on it's own

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Accidental Texture

I have to be honest, I didn't mean to get textured polish, I just picked up these because I liked the color I only realized they were textured when they arrived in the mail, guess I should have paid more attention when ordering.

I did 2 coats each of China Glaze In the Rough and Unrefined (Accent) and stamped with  My Online Shop stamping polish in Apple green and Light Pink using plates Lilic's A07 and A06 (Accent) and topped it off with Poshe.

On its own

No Top Coat

With Top Coat

 It dries matte and has a very sand papery feel. The top coat of posh didn't make it smooth but did make it shiny. I am sure a few more coats would smooth it or using  Seche Vite which is bit thinker consistency might smooth it in fewer coats. If I have to have the texture though I'd prefer it be matte.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dots and Stripes with a Bit of Color Change

This is a bit simple manicure. I started with 3 coats of Ruby Wing Green Peace and  stamped with Color Club Kismet using  xxl plate row m79.

This is what it looked like in the sunlight 

I liked it quite a bit better with the stamping in the sunlight the contrast was better :)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Glow in the Dark - Grids

I do just love how this turned out, even though most of my striping tape manicures seem to look the same.

I started with  2 coats JLB Aruba blue with 2 coats Love and Beauty Aqua layered over it. I used striping tape to make the design and added 1 coat of Seche Nouveau over it and topped with Poshe. Hehe, I know sacrilege

I mussed it up in places because I couldn't remember the order in which I had put on the tape pieces. Very important to remember that :)  But more important the blue glows in the dark it looked super cool but I am a shoddy photographer and couldn't get a pic.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ruby Wing - Color Changing

Have I mentioned I am a sucker for any gimmicky thing? Well I am, glow in the dark yes please color change well give me three. :)

For this look I started off with 3 different Ruby Wing polishes. I used 2 coats of Eternal, 2 coats of Peony (middle), 3 coats of Fresh Linen(Ring). I then stamped with sinful colors Black on Black using gals plate GA11.

Here is the color change I was a bit disappointed in Fresh Linen, because it didn't really change color.  I mentioned it to Ruby Wing and they sent me a brand new bottle I didn't even ask them to, so Awesome customer service there. 

Now I know there are some mistakes in the stamping but I really loved the look :)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Red and Black - Meh

I did not really care for this, too simple, maybe? I do not know something is missing though.
 I started with 3 coats of Dare to Wear Cherry Cosmo, which is one of my very favorite reds and not nearly as orange-y as pics make it seem, and 2 coats of  OPI Black Onyx which is usually good with one coat but I made some mistakes and added another.  I stamped with Mash white using plate Mash-27.

All in all the Mash stamping polish worked ok, but I have yet to find one that is quite as opaque as I like over dark colors. I've used the Konad white too, and have similar issues, but they are opaque enough.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Blue and Green- Glowing in the Dark

Nabi is another one of those brands that sort of smells like melted crayons. I am going to have a small little soapbox moment now. I do hate that some of the cheaper brands like Nabi, Kleancolor, Cherimoya and  JLB, get over looked or looked down upon. Often times these brands are  opaque in one coat, are almost always true to color from the bottle and don't chip any more than the expensive brands.  I'll admit often times the smell is a little off putting but at  a fourth of the cost of brands like Zoya, Butter London etc. If you haven't already you should definitely give them a go.

Ok enough of the rambling on about polishes.
This is 2 coats Nabi Blue-36 and 2 coats Bright Green-34 (accent) and because I love all things glow in the dark  I layered over that 2 coats of Nabi GitD Blue-07 and Jade-05.  I then stamped with Nabi Blue and Bright Green on opposite color using plate GA34.

These stamped really well just like Kleancolor, Nabi stamped awesomely and were both fairly opaque even with one coat. I only did two to even out the finish, which is pretty awesome especially the neon green.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Jeweled Feathers

Can I say I just love peacock themed nails they almost never disappoint
This is 2 coats of Mason #3 Emerald (accent) and #4 Sapphire

Sorry No clean up yet

I then topped with Mason#96 Purple Glitter(accent) and #90 White Glitter ( iridescent ).  I used JLB Immortal Gold to stamp image from Lilic'a A05 Plate. I then added some small blue stone from ebay and topped with Poshe.

Close up of stamp and the Purple Glitter over the Emerald polish

I really do like this indie polish, it isn't any thing fancy but it is pretty, it goes on really well, and dries fairly fast. I really couldn't get a good photo of the iridescent polish over the blue it just looks bubbly but I assure you it doesn't look like that in person.  As always I bought this myself, I wasn't given the polish nor was I compensated any other way.