Thursday, May 2, 2013

Jeweled Feathers

Can I say I just love peacock themed nails they almost never disappoint
This is 2 coats of Mason #3 Emerald (accent) and #4 Sapphire

Sorry No clean up yet

I then topped with Mason#96 Purple Glitter(accent) and #90 White Glitter ( iridescent ).  I used JLB Immortal Gold to stamp image from Lilic'a A05 Plate. I then added some small blue stone from ebay and topped with Poshe.

Close up of stamp and the Purple Glitter over the Emerald polish

I really do like this indie polish, it isn't any thing fancy but it is pretty, it goes on really well, and dries fairly fast. I really couldn't get a good photo of the iridescent polish over the blue it just looks bubbly but I assure you it doesn't look like that in person.  As always I bought this myself, I wasn't given the polish nor was I compensated any other way.

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