Tuesday, April 30, 2013

JLB Metallics

For this look we have 3 coats of Polish Addict Jellyfish stamped with JLB Jade (6th row) and accent JLB Cherry Pop (5th row) using Plate MLS-01. I did end up using a detail brush to go over parts of the stamping where I didn't center it well because I am still some what hit and miss when it comes to the french type stamps. Topped it off with a bit of Seche Vite.

I gotta say I liked the formula for this one better than some of the others there is still plenty of glitter but you are able to build it up in thin layers. Jellyfish is almost a beige-y creme base with fine metallic aqua, fuchsia and gold glitters. If I use this again I'll probably layer it over a solid creme base to limit the number of coats needed for desired opacity.

Also I just have to say I bought this set of 7 JLB Metallic Fever Polish collection at Ross for 5.99. They are almost all 1 coaters and they stamp awesome. Fantastic deal for anyone on a budget.

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