Sunday, May 26, 2013

Two Bottle Challenge

Ok so I saw a nail art challenge on the blog Nailed It and I thought I'd give it  go. I initially picked black and white, because I  thought I could mix it and make grey, but I changed my mind. I felt maybe that wasn't in the spirit of the challenge  Supplies used Sinful Colors Black on Black-103 and China Glaze Snow and a crappy detail brush I need to get a better one :P

3 coats of Snow and 2 coats of Black on Black then chose to do vortexes on my ring finger and middle finger, simple geometric designs on my pinky and index finger, and finished up with a lacy design on my thumb. Yes, I cheated and only did the one hand but cause for anything past a glorified french or occasionally polka dots my left handed work looks like a 3 year old painted it and my right handed stuff isn't far behind sometimes :) . Behold my labors

I am comforted to know this doesn't look bad at all from a distance its a bit sketchy up close but It is not bad for me so yay!

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