Sunday, May 26, 2013

LynBDesign - Black Dragon Pearl Tea

I am not gonna lie I bought the LynBDesign polishes mainly for the bottles they are so pretty. Thankfully I did not have to regret my decision the polishes are pretty great too. I used 3 coats of Black Dragon Pearl Tea  2 would have done but I smeared one of my nails and wanted to fix it up with another coat :).  It is a perfect smokey grey with just a hint of lavender undertone. Its a great spooky fog for my tree and moon. I used Yellow and Black stripe rite for the tree and moon.
I really hope to be better at nail art even when I do well on my left hand my right is a mess.

Here is a closer view of my handiwork never mind the cuticles they are horrid I'm working on it.

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