Sunday, May 5, 2013

Blue and Green- Glowing in the Dark

Nabi is another one of those brands that sort of smells like melted crayons. I am going to have a small little soapbox moment now. I do hate that some of the cheaper brands like Nabi, Kleancolor, Cherimoya and  JLB, get over looked or looked down upon. Often times these brands are  opaque in one coat, are almost always true to color from the bottle and don't chip any more than the expensive brands.  I'll admit often times the smell is a little off putting but at  a fourth of the cost of brands like Zoya, Butter London etc. If you haven't already you should definitely give them a go.

Ok enough of the rambling on about polishes.
This is 2 coats Nabi Blue-36 and 2 coats Bright Green-34 (accent) and because I love all things glow in the dark  I layered over that 2 coats of Nabi GitD Blue-07 and Jade-05.  I then stamped with Nabi Blue and Bright Green on opposite color using plate GA34.

These stamped really well just like Kleancolor, Nabi stamped awesomely and were both fairly opaque even with one coat. I only did two to even out the finish, which is pretty awesome especially the neon green.

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