Saturday, October 13, 2012

Jindie Nails - Zomboy

I don't know about you all but when I order or buy polish it is almost always several bottles at a time. I am almost same by eye make up  my stock of liners, shadows and mascara is almost as bad as my polishes.

I got this polish from Jindie Nails at the same time I bought Check the Candy. I have swatched all of the polishes I have because I'm anal and that's the first thing I do when I get a new polish. I swatch it on a sticker then stick it to the bottle. But I don't really like to blog about the polish until I've worn it.  Ordinarily I'd just put this in the queue but since it is an Indie polish I try to post those right away because if you do read about it I hope it's still available to buy. 
Zomboy polish went on like a dream and spread evenly like all of the polishes I have gotten from Jindie Nails. This is important because I've a lot of glitter polishes and several indie polishes and not all are equal. I don't want to dab or fish or have to shake the bottle every other nail to get even coverage. It is nail polish and as such should go on in same way as any other nail polish. End rant on the way polish should work 

This is 2 medum -thick coats of Zomboy with Seche Vite over the top.

Now Zomboy is a beautiful purple polish with pink and blue glitter, the pics really do not do it justice. One thing I love so far about this polish and Check the candy is the polish looks exactly like what you see in the bottle which is awesome so no surprises. I did stamp on Zomboy as well and had no problems with stamping over it either but I forgot to take a pic of that. So far I'm loving this company, and I have been impressed with every polish I have gotten from them so far which is saying a bit actually because I'm a bit picky. 

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