Sunday, October 21, 2012

Holographic Disco Ball - My first Franken

I was gonna post about something different but I hated so much I just took it off right away without pics. It was an indie polish that I received recently. I really loved it in the swatches other bloggers have done, but hated in real life. I won it in a contest so I am not sure if I will do a post on it especially as it isn't a positive evaluation. The glitter had settled to the side I had to shake it up quite a bit and it didn't apply evenly I was super disappointed and just really happy I won it and didn't pay for it.

I saw this in the store next to the Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Polish its called Confetti Shimmer Dust - Glitz 
 It looks like this It is a tiny tiny bottle I didn't know what I was gonna do with it  when I bought it. Then one day,  I was looking at a bottle of clear coat  next to this jar and was thinking that would make an awesome polish and It did. This is about half a jar of glitter in 1 full bottle of clear coat. Painted in 1 thick coat over a black nail, its gorgeous.

I am gonna get another bottle of glitter and some suspension polish. Because we all know how I feel about polishes that you have to shake. but I totally love this it is like a holographic disco ball. :D

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  1. OH WOW!!! I saw this and didnt get it because I to, didnt know what I would do with it! I really hope they still have some because I am so going to copy this idea!!! Looks great:):):)