Sunday, October 21, 2012

Duplication is not Allowed

I have accidentally bought more than one bottle of the same polish, actually I have done it a few times, so I thought I'd try a giveaway. It seems like an opportunity to meet who is out there on the internet and see what you think. I'll go ahead and make it international, but please keep in mind if your country doesn't allow polish to be mailed and it gets confiscated I can not do anything about that. I do have GFC but I haven't made it a mandatory thing if you want to follow, follow if not that is okay too :)

The Prize
The Color Club LuminICCEnt, I bought in a set, I knew I already had this one but I did not have the others It is full size. The China Glaze Optical Illusion,  I just didn't think I had already, it is also full size bottle.
Heh, you know you have too many polishes when you cant remember what you have.  I keep an excel sheet for this now :D

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  1. Hi! Great giveaway! :)

    I tried to enter but there is no boxes to type the answers into. =/

  2. Great giveaway and easy questions. I like exactly this kind of giveaways. Thanks!

  3. Thank you so much for having this giveaway!! :D It led me to your blog, which is awesome!! :D

  4. So excited for this giveaway! I hope I win :)

  5. thanks for the giveaway! looking through your posts now :)

  6. Thanks a bunch for the giveaway. I love finding new blogs and I like how easy your giveaway was! :)