Friday, October 12, 2012

Bundle Monster Entry-Halloween Stamping

I decided to enter the Bundle Monster stamping contest to be honest I am not really happy with my entry. I tried on dark background and a light background . I submitted the one with the white background. I had some problems with my stamper picking up and the scraper clearing well, which is a new issue for me. Usually I do not have any issues with that.

This is the dark design, I had to go over most of the stamps with a striper because they we not quite dark enough. I'll rant about stamping polishes in a moment :)  the items that came out the best here weren't done with stamping polish.

I'm really happy with the bat blood one, pumpkin and the skull one on the dark polish
Here is what I did submit to bundle monster contest. the topcoat sorta smeared some of the designs.

I like the bats and the skull the devil  turned out well I think.

Now for the stamp rant or rather stamping polish rant. I really wonder what makes something a special stamping polish. Most of the ones that came out really well I ended up using regular polish to stamp. What really annoys me is that you can't really stamp over a dark color and use anything other than a light colored stamping polish.  Konad white/pastels are the only stamping polish I have noted to be any better than most regular polishes and that too only for dark colors. Its irritating to me that Konad's other colors like the blue or the red they really only stamp well on light colors. I was really hoping for some thing that would stand out more on my darker polishes I can say Kleancolor Metallics stamp on a darker color fairly well but I dont always want something metallic. I found Konad's gold and silver to be not better at all and felt I wasted my money.  Does any one else feel this way or am I the only person who things stamping polish seems to be a bit of a sham. 

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