Friday, October 19, 2012

Above the Curve - Fallen Angel

I just received my order from Above the Curve, all the polishes were lovely but my favorite was Fallen Angel. 
Fallen Angel is described as a holographic with pink/purple/blue color shifting shimmer in a black base. It is really very pretty the pics just do not do it justice. These pics are 2 coats and it applied really very well. Now unless you put it over a black base I am sure you wont ever get an actual black color no matter how many coats. Its a very lovely scattered holographic polish that is  light to dark grey on its own. Its particularly beautiful outside but it is no slouch inside either. 

Bottle shot

Close up

Now I know with my shoddy camera skills it almost looks like salt and pepper glitter polish but I assure you it is not so. First it was way too easy to remove to be a glitter, and second it is not grainy at all it has a very smooth finish. 

Best of all when you buy this polish $1.00 from each bottle sold will be donated to Shriners Hospitals for Children. Polish and a gift to charity YOU CANNOT BEAT THAT!. 

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