Friday, October 19, 2012

17 Teal Colour Switch- Feather Fail

I saw a manicure using feathers on the web I forget where exactly and I thought I'll try that. Well it didnt turn out so great but I think it will look better with some practice.

I started with 2 coats  of 17 Colour Switch polish in Teal  I then added Some Seche Vite to my ring finger Applied the feather (A blue one) then trimmed the feather to my nail and topped with more Seche Vite.  Whats that you say, it looks like you have 2 colors on your nails. Well, this polish changes colors with application of a top coat. So I applied Seche Vite in different manners to my other nails. It starts off a very dark teal and changes to a navy color with top coat, very cool right!

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