Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tissue Paper Nails

I had some tissue paper I was wrapping up some gifts with and I was like hmmm this could look cool.  So being the enterprising soul I am I thought I'll cut it to nail size and stick it on my nails. (While for few minutes, I thought I was first genius to think of doing this I assure you it isn't so) Any hoo.

I put on coat of base coat stuck on the cut tissue paper then went over it again with more top coat I then trimmed the excess off the end. It worked fairly well and I must say was less annoying than some of the stick on polishes.

The other nails are Enkelini The Grass is greener and the pinky is Del Sol Candy Cane. They were stamped with Konad Red and White and MyOnlineShop Apple Green stamping polish.  I forgot to note the plates I used.

Left Hand

Right Hand

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