Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holly Nails

I loosely followed Cute Polish's Easy Holly Nails tutorial to do this mani.

To do the french tip I used 2 coats of Nailene Skinny French Tip Pen (I like Sally Hansen's pen better this one is too watery). Then covered it with 2 coats of Sally Hansen Hard-ly There-150 its a very sheer shimmery peachy pink color, it works great for a shimmery french or to hide imperfections in your nails while still letting your nail show a bit.
To make the holly berries I used Dare to Wear Cherry Cosmo and a small dotting tool. I used a detail brush and KleanColor Green Grass-109 to make the leaves. I did the leaves little different than the tutorial. Mostly because my brushes are complete and utter shite, but also because I like the look of these better. Its basically a slightly wonky diamond shape. I used the smallest dotting tool I had to alternate the red and the green at the tips.

Left Hand
Cherry Cosmo, Hard-ly There, Grass Green

Right Hand

Sorry, it appears in my excitement I forgot to clean up around the cuticles. I did it later but by time I checked pics I had already done a new mani so couldn't get clean pics. I really liked this I wore it for a few days actually, it looked great. I did make a few mistakes with the dots but I am sure my dexterity will improve with some practice.

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