Thursday, November 1, 2012

Whimsical and Garter Toss

I do not generally feel a strong lust for most nail polishes that come from major brands like Revlon, Sally Hansen and such. However, when I saw the first swatch of this I wanted it so bad, I actually went to 3 different stores to get this polish. I do not ever do this, I do not like to go to the stores and most of my stuff I'll buy online or if I am there for something else like groceries or a medicine I'll see what they have.
Revlon Whimsical was not a disappointment for the most part. Its a bit thinner than expected and unless you want to give it a good 5+ coats its gonna need to be layered over another polish. But it is beautiful.

For this manicure I was inspired by a look Chasing Shadows had done.
I started with 3 coats of Sally Hansen Garter Toss - 506. I let it dry totally because I was gonna do a tape manicure but then decided to wing it :). I then applied 2 coats of Whimsical - 430 to just the lower portion of my nails. Once that was dry I added the dots using a medium small dotting tool dipped in Kleancolor Copper - 45 and Metallic Aqua - 164. I originally Topped with Seche Vite but I did not care for the look, so I added Butter Matte Finish and I loved it in matte.  :)

Shiny Finish

Matte Finish Left Hand

Matte Finish Right Hand

Doesn't it look so much better matte-d :). I am still working on the cuticles if you have suggestion by all means please suggest solutions.

I know It seems odd to post both hands but when I do nail art I am gonna do it on both hands. Because if you can only do it on the one side then its not very good for a manicure, at least for me. I mostly wear any of the manicures I do for at least a day or so. I have 2 hands so I want the same look on both hands. The only time I won't post both is if I do swatch, stamping or I say well I cant do this on the other hand so I just did the one side.  I do not do this often only for a contest or something.

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