Monday, November 5, 2012

Results of Giveaway

 I have contacted MichelleNadrian D to send her the gift

I thought I'd share the Question answers for Faves and dislikes. I was little disappointed that not every one who answered really gave an answer but a big Thanks to those who did.

The Fave Polishes --  Reason

Ozotic 506 -- because it is so many colours in 1 polish!
Cult Nails Clairvoyant --since it is so unique
Sinful Colors 24/7 -- Its the brightest neon pink i have came across!
FLOAM --I love it! it was my first ever lemming and what got me started on my obsession!!! and its so pretty:)
Julep Yumi -- GLITTERY!
DS Signature -- it was my first ever mani!
Hard Candy Beetle -- Its the best duochrome I own!
China Glaze For Audrey -- It was the first non-drug store polish, and is the polish that started my obsession
Smitten polish your turning violet --  its so sparkly
Pretty & Polished Jawbreaker
Northern Light Out the Door -- I love that you can add glitter to everything!!!
DS EXTRAVAGANCE -- because it's gorgeous. I love the color!

The Polishes that Missed the Mark
Wet n Wild Night Prowl -- I've had it for years and will never wear it...
Klean Color White -- It smells horrible, bad coverage & streaky!
Nina Pro in Neon Green
All Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, they make my nails so dry and brittle and peel-y

Thank you all for Participating :)

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