Thursday, January 17, 2013

Whole Lot of Lyn B Designs Swatching Going On

I had done these swatches different times and days some are cleaned up some not. All of these polishes are from LynBDesigns, no she didn't give them to me (I only wish) I bought these my very own self. 
Let the pictures flow.

First up Dime A dozen it is part of the Glitter Galore collection and described as " a lightly gold tinted base with green holographic and metallic glitters. It also has white gold colored medium hexagon"  My 2 cents :) is it is a really lovely polish the pics do not do it justice here it is layered over LA Colors Live I almost wished I had done on a darker color so it would have popped a bit more. It spread nicely this is two coats.

Next up 
Dalekanium from The Doctor Is In Collection this is described as black base with tons of golden shimmer. It is really nice covers in 2 coats. It looks lovely on. It appears in person much darker I was tilting my nails to make sure the shimmer showed. 

My personal favorite possibly of any glitter I own and I do own more than a few
Oogie Boogie from the Nightmare Begins Collection is described as a "Glow in the dark with a hint of orange holographic glitter" this is about 2 thin coats because I didn't want to make the LA Girl Stayin' Alive base too pastel.  I have to say, I almost did not buy this, but  really anything the glows in the dark must be mine. It isn't too impressive in the bottle, but heavens on the nail it does sparkle it is just beautiful and I stared at my nails a good long time. It is now just a bonus for me that it glows so bright in the dark and is so darn pretty. I wish the pics were more true to life, ok will end my gushing.

This is 4 coats on its own with Quincy as Accent

What we have here is Lock, Shock, and Barrel from the "Nightmare Begins" Collection it is described as "bright blue base loaded with all sorts of ultrafine holographic glitter. There are pink, blue, green, orange, gold, silver, and about five more holographic glitters" (the accent is further on) This goes on smooth it isn't gritty at all. Opaque in 2 coats it is pretty to look at and drys quickly.

 The accent Nail from the post above
This is Cacophony Nail Polish from the Glitter Galore Collection it is described as "royal blue gel base and features tons of blue holographic hexagons. It also has fine blue square and hexagonal metallic glitter"
It is super lovely it did take about 3 coats for me to get coverage I like and because of my lack of patience it took some time to dry. I love a dark jelly polish and this doesn't disappoint, spreads evenly, no fishing required. the pics do not do it justice it is lovely.

 This is 3 coats of Quincy from the "Gender Benders" Collection it is described as "A light creamy yellow base with blue, aqua, pink, and yellow micro fine glitters. It also has a few yellow square glitters" I am not too fond of yellow polish so while this is lovely it will always be an accent for me.  It goes on smoothly dries quickly and because of the many different glitter colors it is really great to stamp over. I have said I do not care for yellow in the least, so  it says something that I am keeping this in my collection.

Below is So Changeable from the "Baker Street" Collection it is described as " a blue base with some color shifting ability, mainly blue to purple, and tons of blue fine glitter" This is one of those ones that are really much prettier in person. It took 3 coats for me to get to the opaqueness I like but it would layer wonderfully and is not gritty or anything. Has a nice smooth finish and it is oh so sparkly.

This is the All Hallow's Eve Collection, I bought these in a set so they are swatched as a set
Thumb=Psychedelic Vampire,  pointer=Zombie Dust, middle=Wolf's Bane, ring=Ghoulish Delight, and pinky= Sugar Skulls.  These are all 2 coats over Orly Vinyl (I probably would be happier with them on their own) I don't have the description for these  so I'll do my best to describe my self forgive any mistakes
Psychedelic Vampire-a purple jelly base with purple, blue, red, gold and silver glitter. Spread evenly went on smooth
Zombie Dust - a clear base with medium white and black diamonds and squares as well as finer aqua, holo and silver glitters. Spread fairly evenly  you may need to shake it a bit before you start and between coats to get the black and white glitters to go on evenly but no need to fish.
Wolf's Bane-a clear base with a really fine rusty red, and less fine small aqua, blue and gold glitter. spreads evenly and goes on smoothly.
Ghoulish Delight -a holographic-sh grey base with small round pink glitter and white diamond and square glitters also some white bar glitter (stupid bar glitter :'( ) Honestly I'd have loved this one if it did not have bar glitter I hate bar glitter. It spread evenly and no need to fish.
Sugar Skulls- a yellowy orange base with super fine red glitter , fine aqua and silver glitter, small round gold and silver glitter , green diamonds, black hearts and orange flower glitter. I don't like this color wise so i was biased against it from the start. You have to shake it for the diamonds and fish for the flowers and hearts. It was pain to apply, it might not been if  I had longer or wider nails I know having more space to work with can make polishes spread more evenly. (most of my nails are only slightly over a centimeter wide and the longest is only about a centimeter and a half)

You can still get So Changable, Dalekanium, Cacophony and Quincy all of the others I no longer see in her etsy store. These are really good polishes I have several bottles of hers, I would never point anyone to a product I did not truly really think was great. She does ship quickly, I have never had any issues so I can not say if she is good in that way. No I wasn't paid or otherwise compensated to say that.

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