Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Shooting Stars

For this mani I followed Arcadia Nail Art's Shooting Stars Tutorial. Ok so I didn't follow exactly, but closely enough.

For Base I used 2 coats of China Glaze Calypso Blue-673. I then used New York Hot Metallic Silver and a dotting tool to make a slightly curved line on my ring fingers and thumbs. I then added two more dotted lines on either side using Color Club Lumin-ICEcent-932. When I was done I thought it needed a bit of something else, so added Essie Shine of the Times over the dottings and on the tips of my fingers. I then added some star shape sequins I got from Nailways. I topped with 2 coats of Seche Vite mainly to hide the texture of the star it was really too large for may nail and wouldn't bend with my nail. Then Matted it with Butter Matte Topcoat.
Before Matting

After Matting I know it looks Black but its really Dark Blue
Calypso Blue, Hot Metallic Silver, LuminICEcent, Shine of the Times

Right Hand see blue  and bit smudged

Left Hand

I think if/when I do this again I'll do smaller stars and wear tighter pants. I almost lost my pants which is why my right hand thumb is smudged. The stars drove me absolutely nuts, I ran my fingers over them all day and had to seriously concentrate not to pick at them.  I can not stand for anything to stick out off my nails. I see those nails with all the really big 3-D bows, flowers, etc and I wonder how they make it. I can do really thinly sliced fimo and sequins that bend a bit, but I'd pick my nails apart with anything that stuck out too far from my nail.

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