Thursday, January 31, 2013

Multi-Colored Flowers

I wanted to like this and with some practice and perhaps longer nails maybe I will.  It was some thing new to try, the multi-color stamping.
I used 3 coats of Butter Brummie as a base. I wanted this polish forever but it was bit of let down. The color isn't quite what it looks like in the bottle and Butter irks me because most of their polishes require so many coats to be even and opaque.
For stamping I used MyOnlineShop stamping polish White, Hot Pink, and Lavender and a design from the 
Apiplia mix plate.

Left Hand
Hot Pink, Lavender, White, Brummie

I'm not sure if it is color combo or sloppy stamping or what have you its just blech.  The thumb looks the best but over all I just didn't care for this all together.

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