Sunday, January 13, 2013


This is 3 coats of Dare to Wear Crew Neck  and accent nail with 3 coats of  Dare to Wear Promiscuous with Konad Pastel Blue stamping polish. I'm sorry I cant remember which plate was used. I'll try to look it up. I wasn't satisfied with the opacity of the solid heart so I filled it in some more with the stamping polish.

Left Hand

Crew Neck, Promiscuous and Pastel Blue
Right Hand

I really liked the Crew neck, you can't really see in the pics but it had a shimmery finish. I was pleasantly surprised it wasn't too sheer and went on really evenly. I was bit disappointed in Promiscuous its so pretty in the bottle but went on bit dark.


  1. Oh i love this look. The blue is amazing, I have a thing for any and all blues right now!The hearts would be perfect for Valentine's day too.
    Angela xx

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    1. I am quite fond of blues myself :) though green is my absolute favorite colour. Funnily enough most of my favorite polishes are not green though.