Thursday, January 24, 2013

A few Swatches of Jindie Nails

I've had these hanging about for a while so I want to go ahead and post these. 
These are from Jindie Nails 

First up 
Stompin' Gilbert Grapes described "It has lavender, grape & bright pink glitter all in a white creamy base"
This is 3 coats, I should have layered it over another for more opaqueness but it is a pretty and cheery polish to cheer me up. It spreads really well and goes on fairly smoothly. 

Next up is 

Water 4 Elephants from the  Elements Collection, it is described " It has multiple shapes and sizes of blue and green along with iridescent glitter and color shifting glitter and color shifting sparkle pigment all in a gray creme/jelly base" Below is 3 coats on all but my ring finger. It goes on smoothly, spreads evenly, and is much prettier than the pics. 

I think you can still get both of these, I love Jindie Nails  and no I wasn't paid to say do or given the polish above. She just makes excellent polish. 

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