Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Good as Gold - YH Beja 37 and 60

This is a new brand I found at one of the local trinket shops for a dollar a bottle. They are very pretty bottles too :). The smell is akin to chermoyia similar to burnt crayons, but I have used several of the polishes and so far no nail stains, it covers in a 1 to a few coats and it has decent staying power so I can put up with the smell. I used 2 coats of YH Beja 60 which is a plummy maroon and layered 1 coat of YH Beja 37  it is a shimmery pink top coat.

I used Essie Good as Gold to stamp BM309 plate. and topped with Seche Vite, the color did bleed when I added top coat but I loved the effect it gave. :) . I had not used top or a base coat and left it on for about 2 days. I was actually a bit shocked this did not stain my nails.

Left Hand in Normal Light

Right Hand in Normal Light

Right Hand in Bright Light

Left Hand in Bright Light

Oddly enough this took on a strong red tint in low light and looked much more plummy in bright light.
I love the way the bleeding kind of gave the gold and almost fade out effect, and as always this looked much more awesome in person.

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