Thursday, July 25, 2013

Simple Chevron

I love some glow in the dark goodness so when I saw some I had to buy it. If I were more talented as a photographer I would show you the glowy goodness as such I am not so no glow for you.

I started with 3 coats of Polish Me to Go Honey My Dew and Pinky Promise alternating nails. I thought while these were fairly true to color. They were a bit gritty and I had some problems with drag but the dragging problem could have been my fault.  I was going to leave it but I was feeling like I had been lazy about doing my nails properly. So I used some cheveron french guides and Ninja Polish Eye Candy to make an accent on my ring finger.

no top coat

top coat

right hand
Left hand

I like the simplicity of this. If I did it again I would probably have the chevron pointing down or maybe two intersecting one pointing up and one pointing down.

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