Thursday, June 6, 2013

Birthday Girl

This is a look I did for my friend Misty's birthday, Misty is such an awesome person and such a great friend. She is so upbeat and has a good heart, so I knew that nothing but neon would do!
To start out I used 3 coats of Hungry Asian cookies and creme. There is by far more cream than cookies here. I used a variety of stamps for this look and stamped with serveral colors SO I'll give the polish first then the plate names. Nabi Blue and Bright Green, Cherimoya Retro Blue and Neon Pink and Mash Black. The Streamers on the ring finger and thumb and the round ballons on my left hand middle finger are from Messy Mansion plate MM02, the Party Girl (both hands) and streamers on my ring finger of right hand are Dash16. All other designs are from Fun 2 plate.

I really love the way the girl design turned out on the right hand pinky. I used multiple colors of polish on one stamp which I have done with hit and miss results.  I do like how this turned out.

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