Thursday, February 14, 2013

Femme Fire - Jindie Nails

Gosh Have I mentioned how much I love Jindie Nails Polish. She just does an awesome job of making glitters that spread evenly and no fishing needed.  While it is true I have been moving away from using glitters
I have 3 thin coats of Femme Fire. Its a pink cream/jelly polish with orange, red and golden yellow satin matte glitters. I think I also had some medium sized red striped hex in this too. No top coat.

 Its just lovely. One of the few pinks I like against my skin that isn't neon haha.
I'll always think her polish is worth the bother. I don't actually mean removing it I have opposite problem most glitter polishes just peel off my nails in sheets I can usually get the whole nail off like custom nail stickers or something. Its not particular to brand. I just have really oily nails so polish doesn't stay for long particularly thicker polishes or polish that I have over layered.

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